Upgrade Your Brand Experience With Cardboard!

KarTent Business helps marketingteams and event-managers create sustainable events that people talk about. Our products and exhibition stands are 100% recyclable and made entirely of cardboard. No plastic, wood, or metal is involved!

Together, we’ll increase the visibility of your business.

Upgrade Your Brand Experience With Cardboard!


KarTent Business helps marketingteams and event-managers create sustainable events that people talk about. Our products and exhibition stands are 100% recyclable and made entirely of cardboard. No plastic, wood, or metal is involved!


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3 Reasons To Become A Customer:

1. Unique

Get creative, every shape is possible!

2. Sustainable

Made of 100% recycled cardboard.

3. Fair Price

Save money, by using cardboard. 

Made With Love

From our office in Amsterdam, our designers create the most beautiful designs for you. If you have time, visit us for a tour! All designs can be printed with your own branding and corporate identity. We help you create an experience that people talk about. Check our portfolio.

Eco bin five compartments

60L Bin



Standing table

Choose your own design | Height 100 cm



Printed stacking blocks

Choose your own size| Promo on your event



Positive Reviews

"Very positive experiences with KarTent. Fast and short lines of communication. Unbelievable what can be done with cardboard. Our entire exhibition stand is made of cardboard. Beautiful, durable and super professional appearance. Timo is easily accessible and always thinks along. Definitely worth repeating!"

Maurice Braaksma

Edeco (Heutink)

"When the pandemic hit, we faced a challenge. We had to provide a safe working environment for the colleagues that came to the office every day. Almost all our usual suppliers could only deliver plastic screens. We thought this should be done in a more sustainable way. We ended up buying from KarTent, as they supplied us with an option that we could recycle. Also, they created a fully custom product for us."

Van Lanschot

"KarTent is a good example of a partnership. Together, we delivererd the best solution!"

Odette Eelman

Appèl catering

Check Our Portfolio



Who Benefits From This Product?

We work for many Communication and marketingteams. But also, event managers and entrepreneurs ask us to deliver custom projects for their business. In the past years, we have made a lot of designs. Get in touch with us to profit from these ideas.

Have You Guys Done This Before?

You bet! We have helped more than 1.300 clients, and this number is growing every day. Check our portfolio ono our website for inspiration. Our fair prices make our creations accessible for both corporate and smaller enterprises.

Can I request custom products?

Yes, this is possible. Schedule a “Brainstorm” with us by filling in the form on our website, our call us on 020-7865553. Together, we discuss your needs, and give you a clear indication of the costs.

How sustainable is cardboard, really?

It is always difficult to make a specific comparison between products and the more “regular” product types that we offer. Every product is different! Here are a few reasons why cardboard is a sustainable choice:

1) Our cardboard consists for 80% of recycled paper, the rest is made up of wood fibers that are certified.

2) After your order, we immediately start processing the cardboard. We never waste cardboard and don’t hold inventory.

3) After using the cardboard, the product can be recycled 100%.

Is the material fireproof?

Cardboard is a safe material and won’t catch fire easily. If you want to be 100% sure, then choose our material with a fire-certificate. There are multiple options, the right choice depends on your specific wishes. Contact us so we can advice you about this.

I have never ordered an exhibition stand before, and participated in an business exhibition.

Many companies spend a big part of their budget on online marketing. We believe that offline marketing is a strong addition to your marketing activities. It boosts the visibility of your brand. Spending a small percentage of your marketing or communication budget on a creation of KarTent is a good investment. Moreover, you invest in something that you will be able to use multiple times. Who says that you can only use an exhibition stand once?

Is cardboard strong enough?

Surely! We only use high-quality cardboard. Depending on the function of the different parts, we choose the type of cardboard that is the best. In thisi way, we make sure that the material always beats your expectations! We have multiple types of cardboard and will advice you on this.

Can I use the product multiple times?

Yes. Many companies want a new creation for every event, because the sizes change with every new exposition. What is more important though, is that your marketing message can change. You want to deliver a new marketing message to your leads. When you use the . you will be able to use our products for a long time.

I don’t want to do the setup of the exhibition stand myself. Can KarTent do this for me?

Yes. We can do this for you at an extra costs. Contact us to for more information.

I have multiple events throughout the year, where I’d like to use KarTent. How does this work?

Many of our clients want to call/app us directly when they need something from cardboard. The more intensive we work together, the better we get to know your company. Also, it is nice to look forward and take the time to create great designs. Contact us to talk about the advantages of a more intensive, long-term collaboration.

What is the delivery time?

We are fast! Normally, the delivery time is 3 weeks. You can order some of our products directly from our webshop. When we work together on a project, we like to take enough time to create something beautiful. Does it concern a product that we already have on offer? Then the delivery time differs per product. Sometimes, we are able to fulfill delivery within 1 week.

I still have doubts, isn’t it expensive?

We use cardboard for all our creations. This is cheaper dan many other materials like wood and metal. Tell us your budget, and we’ll find a way to create something great together. Also, cardboard is easy to recycle. That is valuable as well!

Ok. How can I get started?

Click the “Plan Brainstorm” button below and discuss your wishes today with our team.


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